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Soups & Salad
Tamatar Tulsi Shorba
Tomato soup flavored with Indian basil.
Dhania Murg Shorba
Slowly simmered chicken & cilantro soup.
Salad of the Day
Tossed salad in sweet chilly W'kana vinaigrette in a papadum bowl.

Papdi Chaat
Tangy crispy fried bread with chutneys and Indian flavors.
Crisp fried dumplings, stuffed with spiced potatoes & peas.
Makkai Ki Tikka
Patties made with corn & grilled.
Harra Kebab
Black cumin & ginger spices spinach paneer.
Cheese Kurkuri
Flavored cheese blend stuffed in romali roti, rolled & fried.
Ajwani Gobi
Batter fried cauliflower, ajwain flavored and tossed with spices.
Baby Corn Bezule
Baby Corn, cracked pepper, curry leaves and lemon juice.
Trio Veg Platter
Assortment of samosa, harra kebab and paneer tikka.
Mysore Chilly Chicken
Boneless chicken in spicy marinate and fried.
Kerala Shrimp
Stir-fried shrimps flavored with curry leaves & black pepper.
Tandoori Appetizer Platter
Assortment of Seekh Kebab, Peshawari Tikka & lassoni Jheenga.

Saufiyani Paneer Tikka
Cottage cheese flavored in subtle with kasoori methi & fennel.
Tandoori Aloo
Marinated Potato barbequed with, W’kana special spices.
Mili Juli Subz Sheek
Baby potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower & peppers in chef’s recipe.

Murgh Malai Tikka
Subtle flavored chicken breast Kebab.
Peshwari Chicken Tikka
Boneless chicken leg flavored with the northwest frontier spices.
Tandoori Chicken
Half ($13) or Full ($20). Tandoori masala marinated chicken on Bone cooked in tandoor.
Reshmi Seekh
Minced chicken flavored with W’kana spices, barbequed.
Lahori Seekh Kebab
Minced lamb flavored with onion & aromatic spices.
Gosht Ke Pasande
Lamb piccatta in saffron and fennel marinate.
Adraki Lamb Chop
Free Range, Natural rack of lamb in W’kana marination.
Tandoori Quails
Spicy Quails marinated in Wkana marination.

Chatpati Machhi
Tangy marinated and grilled tilapia.
Lasooni Jheenga
Garlic & yogurt marinated Tiger shrimp kebabs.
Sarson Salmon
Roasted Salmon marinated with grain mustard &chilly..

Traditional Vegetarian
Dal Panchratan
Five yellow lentils tempered, with garlic & cumin.
Palak Paneer
Garlic, Spinach and Home made cheese.
Paneer Tikka W'kana
Chef’s signature recipe, Silky tomato sauce, home made cheese.
Makai Kumb Mutter
Corn, green peas & mushroom in aromatic spices.
Amritsari Chole
Garbanzo,onion, tomato flavored with pomegranate seeds.
Miloni Subzi
Seasoned baby vegetables in spinach puree gravy.
Kalonji Baigan
Baby eggplant in rich signature gravy with onion seeds.
Sundried Tomato Kofta
Dumplings flavored with sundried tomatoes in Chef’s special gravy.
Nargisi Kofta
Lotus stems N vegetable dumplings in curry.
Manga Bhindi
Fresh Okra, mango, onion, in tangy W’kana spices. Seasonal.
Bharwan Aloo Dum
Baby potatoes in ginger flavored W’kana gravy.
Dal Makhani
Black lentils cooked overnight on Charcoal.
Moillee E Subz
Vegetable in kerala style coconut sauce.
Mirchi Ka Saalan
Sauteed Chilly in rich sesame and peanut gravy.
Dum Ki Gobi
Whole cauliflower, yogurt cashew cooked blind in Dum.

Traditional Meats
Butter Chicken
Signature W,kana recipe, tandoori chicken in rich tomato sauce.
Murg Tariwala
Chicken cooked in home style gravy.
Murg Kholapuri
Chicken in spicy fiery gravy from kholapur.
Chicken tikka W'kana
Tender chicken cooked in tandoor and served in rich tomato gravy.
Dun Ka Murgh
Boneless chicken cooked in Dum in its own rich cashew gravy.
Kozhi Vartha Curry
Chicken in southern Indian flavors with onion & pepper sauce.
Chicken Korma
Boneless Chicken simmered in rich cashew gravy.
Chettinad Lamb
Chettinad style lamb curry with star anise & fennel seeds.
Kashmiri Roganjosh
Lamb delicacy of Kashmir valley saffron, ginger & fennel.
Venchina Maumsam
Lamb flavored with ginger and blend of southern spices.
Lamb Vindaloo
Boneless lamb with potatoes cooked with Goan vinegar & spices.
Gosht Pepper Fry
Goat with bell peppers & onions in ra semi dry pepper gravy.
Rajastani Goat Curry
Goat cooked in Rajastani style with house ground spices.
Gosht Taar Korma
Boneless goat cooked in cashew gravy.

Traditional Seafood
Bombay Fish Masala
Tilapia simmered in Bombay style onion, tomato & ground spices.
Konkan Shrimp Curry
Tiger shrimp simmered in coastal style coconut curry.
Kadahi Shrimp
Tiger shrimp simmered in kadahi sauce, bell peppers, and onions.

Rice & Biryani
Jeera Pulao
Aged basmati rice flavored with crackled cumin.
Saffron Pulao
Basmati Rice cooked on “dum” with saffron & spices.
Vegetable Biryani
Fresh vegetables and Aged basmati rice with saffron in dum.
Mushroom & Apricot Biryani
Exotic biryani made in chef’s special recipe.
Anda Biryani
Cardamom flavored basmati rice with boiled spiced egg.
Awadhi Chicken Biryani
Boneless chicken, aged basmati rice, aromatic spices in dum.
Lamb Biryani
Boneless lamb cooked in dum with basmati rice & spices.
Goat Biryani
Boneless goat, aged basmati rice cooked in Hyderabadi style.
Moplah Shrimp Biryani
Tiger shrimp sautéed with aged basmati rice & spices.

Yogurt whipped with onion, cucmber, onion roasted cumin.
Paper-thin lentil crepes roasted in tandoor.
Laccha Pyaz
Laccha pyaz, tomatoes, cucumber and chillies.
Pickle $1

Tandoori Roti
Whole wheat bread baked in the tandoor.
Tandoori Naan
Leavened bread baked in the tandoor.
Lacha Paratha
Flaky & layered whole wheat bread.
W'kana Naan
Naan topped with a choice of Garlic or Rosemary or Kalaunji.
W'kana Contemporary Naan
Naan topped with a choice of Pesto or Avocado.
Leavened bread stuffed with a choice of Onion or Masala Potato or Paneer or goat cheese.
Bread as thin as a handkerchief (please check for availability).
W'kana Kulcha
Kheema stuffed kulcha with W’kana spices.
Assorted Bread Basket
Includes Onion Kulcha, Lacha Paratha & Garlic Naan.

Mango Lassi $4
Mango Shake $4
Masala Chai $2.5
Filter Kapi $2.5
Chaanch $2.75
Jal Jeera $2.75
Choose from our selection.
Iced Tea $2
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